So I’m a bit of a fan of the long dead Archbishop Cranmer’s blog. He’s a sound voice, and has sharp perception. He’s also resolutely Anglican.

His recent commentary surrounding the Church of England’s decision to forbid women from becoming bishops focussed on the alleged validity of the Anglican Communion. That is something I have issue with. My original reply to his post after this incroyable image of Reims Cathedral.

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This is what you get when you align yourself with Truth.

That is some commendable mental gymnastics, Your Grace. The effort was at least admirable.

However, it seriously does no service to your immortal soul to pretend as if everything is okay, that the movements in Anglicanism are simply ‘innovation, change, and progression’, and that continuing on such a path is the way to enlightenment, and ultimately, to God. Quite frankly, it is not.

The state of your church(es) is evidence enough. Where the much publicized crises of the Catholic Church in the last few decades has only helped strengthen the actions of the true faithful (both laity and clergy alike), the relative indifference towards and invisibility of the Anglican Communion hasn’t stopped it from fracturing and falling away not only from its original intentions, but the intentions of Christ.

It is the worst pain to see Anglicans continue to use the idea of both ‘Catholic and Reformed’. It’s tragic to see their faithful convincing themselves that their church is fine, that their doctrine is fine, and that their souls are fine. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is true that there are non-Roman Catholic Churches that have valid apostolic succession and valid sacraments. The Anglican Communion is not one of them.

This is not a comment meant to incite anger, rebuke, nor more reason for disunity. If it unfortunately leads to brother against sister, then like Christ, so be it. We are, however, ultimately dealing with Heaven and Hell here, and in order one-up that camel through the needle, we need unshakeable fidelity to the Truth.

May the Blessed Lord be our Light out of the darkness. All Christians need His help about now.